Meg Cosmetics Masks Launched in Barneys New York

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Today, we would like to inform you such a delightful news! Starting from February 2017, Meg exclusively launched its two new masks - Two Step Jelly Mask and Steam Hair Mask in Barneys New York!
We believe most of you may know about Barneys New York, however, we would like to briefly introduce you about it. Barneys New York is a luxury specialty retailer renowned for having the most discerning edit from the world's top designers. It was founded in 1923 by Barneys Pressman.

▲ Barneys New York

Barneys New York operates flagship stores in New York City, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas and along with a preeminent luxury online store,, as well as 16 other full price stores and warehouse stores across the United States. (From

▲ Barneys New York at Downtown

You are able to purchase these two masks - Two Step Jelly Mask & Steam Hair Mask on Barney's official website as well as Barneys New York Department Store at Downtown and Madison Avenue in Manhattan, NY.

So where in Barneys can you get these masks? There is an exclusive k-beauty section for masks, called the "Mask Bar", presented in the picture above. So, you can easily find them at the Mask Bar in the beauty section. We are very delightful and excited to meet everyone not only on our website but also in Barneys New York Downtown and Madison Avenue! 

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