5 Easy Nail Care Tips to Keep in Mind

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Do you ever go through the worst nail break outs? Brittle nails, discoloration, dryness - yes, we all go through them. Today, I am going to write about easy cost-free tips for keeping your nails healthy. 

1. Do Not Bite Your Nails

If you're not a nail biter - then pass. Keep reading if you're guilty. Biting and picking on your nails make it harder for nails to grow longer and healthier. This also increases your risk of sickness by putting unwashed hands into your mouth. 

2. Health over Length 

Yes, we all want long fingernails for a good manicure. But no. It is health over length. It is important to trip your nails regularly. Clip away the old nails and let stronger and healthier nails grow in. It is recommended to trim your nails slight at least every two weeks. Once your nails seem noticeably harder and stronger, then you can manage to keep your long fingernails. 

3. Wash, Wash, Wash!

It is important to keep your hands clean. Wash your hands with soap as frequently as possible and remove all dirt from under the fingernail. You don't want to keep any dirt or bacteria - yuck! Don't be lazy and use a hand sanitizer (it is a good alternative) but find water and soap! 

4. Use Lotion

Always moisturize. When using a hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles as well. Keeping your hand and nails moisturized all at once. Double brownie points! 

5. Read Labels

Read what you're using. Nail Polish, hand lotion, soap, etc. Read the ingredients carefully and make sure it is non-toxic. Make sure you're buying the right products. Toxins such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene can lead to brittle and splitting nails. Of course, Meg is free of all toxins. *winks* 

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