How To Use UV Gel Nail Kit

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Yes, read this and be informed on how you use the uv gel nail kit properly and efficiently. UV Gel Nail Kit is for mainly used for traveling or quickly making up for chipped nails on the go. UV Gel Nail Kit comes in five different colors, the color gel can be purchased separately. You can only use the color gel with the UV light, regular nail polishes do not work - Please be aware! The UV Light can be connected by USB and your choice of apple or Android.

1. Know what type of fingernails you have.

Knowing your nail type is the key secret to a good manicure. Gel nails will most likely come off within 1 day or two if you have oily nails. (even if you get them professionally done) In order to prevent that from happening, cleanse your nails as thoroughly as possible. Use alcohol or polish remover on bare nails so you start off with a fresh and clean palette with no residue. 

2. Apply Base Gel and Cure!

Apply one coat of base gel onto your nails and cure! The UV light will automatically stop after 40 seconds. It is completely normal for base gel to be sticky and non-drying. To be safe, you can cure for another 40 seconds.

3. Apply Color Gel and Cure
Apply the color gel and start curing until it fully drys. The gel polish consistency will be thick and sticky, it is normal. It is key to apply as evenly as possible. After one coat, just cure it away!
Yes, that's the finalized soft gel look. Smudge-free, perfect gel nails on-the-go!
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  • Can you use your other Meg nail polishes with this or does it have to be only the color that comes with the kit?

    Rebecca Kimmel on

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