What is AHA? What is "Jelly" Mask? - What is the two step jelly mask?

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Hello! It's Amy here, today I will talk about AHA and "Jelly" Mask. Keep on reading if you are curious! So, sheet masks are known for improving skin complexion within few minutes. One can see results instantly after using sheet masks. Today, I am here to introduce Meg's first sheet mask ever! Now, this isn't an ordinary sheet mask, it's a Two Step Jelly Mask!  This Two-Step Jelly Mask that is comprised of 2 parts.
  • 'STEP 1' AHA Peeling Swab
  • 'STEP 2' Jelly Essence Mask
Now, let's get into the details - The pink packet is the 'Step-1' which consists of one peeling swab that looks like this. After a fully cleansed face, apply toner. Afterwards, use this huge swab and start swabbing your face focusing on nose and T-zone areas where there is the most sebum and blackheads. (gross). 
This alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peeling swab is soaked in lactic acid which works as an exfoliation. When used regularly, it helps reduce the appearance of blackheads and soothes the overall skin complexion. When using this swab, you may have a slight tingling effect on the skin. The sensation will go away within a few seconds. (it is completely normal!) This step simply removes the dirt on your pores, sebum, and blackheads. This step prepares your skin for the sheet mask in 'Step-2' enabling the jelly essence to better absorb into the skin. 
The white packet is the 'Step-2' jelly essence which consists of a fiber mask sheet soaked in jelly essence. Tons, and tons of jelly essence. Jelly essence infused in Lotus Flower, Demask Rose, Pomegranate, and Jasmine extract, is extremely good for providing high vitamins and hydration for the skin. This essence provides a cooling effect so it is also good for those summer sun-damaged skin days. 
So after 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet mask and gently tap with your fingertips in order to absorb the remaining jelly essence that is left on your skin. For this jelly mask in particular, it provides a soothing and brightening effect. It soothes the overall complexion while brightening and evening out skin texture. Now who is excited to get SHEET faced?! 

As you can see from the photo above, the Jelly Mask fiber sheet looks almost invisible from my hand. This shows that the mask applies well on the face with great adhesiveness. Whenever I am having a bad skin day, I use this two step jelly mask to recover my skin. It is my go-to sheet mask. How do you recover your skin? Please share by commenting down below! :)

- Amy from Meg Cosmetics



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