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Wake up in the morning, take a fresh shower, put on your AM Mask while drying your hair and preparing yourself to go out. The AM Mask is specialized for the morning time, giving moisture and clearing up the skin texture with a cooling effect. The mask is great for your skin before putting on your makeup giving a firm and calm effect.

 What makes AM Mask so great to put on in the morning?

The AM Mask contains peppermint leaf extract that helps soothe your stressed and tired skin. It cools down your skin giving some freshness and moisturizes making your skin look healthy.

The AM Mask also contains Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein which is known as Pearl Extract. This extract evens out the skin texture and improves the skin tone by giving a brightening effect and helps to prevent from anti-aging.



After long hours of work, your skin is tired. Finish your day with The PM Mask cleanses dirt that's in your pores, hydrates and gives some nutrients to make your skin healthier.

What contains in the PM Mask?

The PM Mask contains Avocado Fruit Extract which helps to nourish and revitalize the skin overnight and maintain firmness. This mask also contains Camellia Sinesis Leaf Water which is high in vitamin and provides intensive moisture and elasticity to the skin while you are sleeping.


Meg Cosmetics has launched the AM and PM Mask for your morning and evening routine! Hydrate and moisturizing your skin all day. We also have the ALL DAY GOOD SKIN BUNDLE containing 3 AM Masks and 3 PM Masks and these are all available at our website so be sure to check it out! Now you can have the perfect skincare routine in your hands from morning to night. Say 'Hello!' to flawless skin! 


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