how to achieve Salon-perfect hair

how to achieve Salon-perfect hair

June 29, 2017

The steam hair mask replenishes vitamins and silk amino acids right back into dry and damaged hair. Some of the key benefits of using this hair mask is that it offers steam care. The slightly-warm steam allows the treatment to deeply penetrate into the hair, delivering intensive nutrients. Resulting in healthy hair shine, prevents moisture loss, and enhances hair’s resilience.

This hair mask will be the second step to your hair washing routine. You will start off with shampoo, rinse, then apply the hair cap around your entire head. Then, fully secure the sticker around your head with dry hands. Gently massage your scalp so that the treatment can soak in. Once you massage well-enough, you will begin feeling minimal warmth around your scalps. There isn’t technically “steam” but you will definitely feel the slight heat. This is when you know you have applied the hair mask properly. After 10-20 minutes, remove the hair mask, give it a few more gently massage, and rinse off. Your hair will feel extremely soft but that doesn’t mean you should skin conditioner. The conditioner works as locking in the treatment into your hair. This final step is just as important!

Once you’re out of the shower, give your hair a complete dry. You will immediately feel a difference in your hair even after one use. However, with more frequent use, it is guaranteed that you will see noticeable results in your hair. – The amount of shine and healthy glow, and the tangle-free and silky hair once you run your fingers through it. You can now achieve that salon-perfect hair right here at home!

The formula is infused with Chameleon Plant, Perilla Frutescens, and Green Tea extract, injecting long-lost nutrition and life into your strands and roots to produce rich, silky and voluminous hair. Another major benefit is that the hair mask is formulated without synthetic color matters, sulfate, triethanolamine, Talc, and Mineral Oil.

It is good for all hair types- Color dye, Dry and peeling scalp, easily tangled, damaged and brittle. To add a little of cuteness, it has a mild-sweet peach scent to deliver a pleasant scent into the hair for a little bit of joy!



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can you leave this hair mask overnight?


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