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Meg Cosmetics in Seattle's K Ba-Nana!
September 07, 2018

Meg Cosmetics in Seattle's K Ba-Nana!

Meg Cosmetics' all products including Two Step Jelly Masks, Steam Hair Masks, Good Morning AM and Goodnight PM masks are in K Ba-Nana Pop up store in Seattle! K Ba-Nana is a beauty pop-up store featuring the best and the latest K-beauty skincare and accessories. The assortment of products will feature K-beauty favorites such as sheet masks, nail polish, cosmetics, and skincare essentials.

Other than skincare beauty items representing or hitting the beauty markets in Korea, K Ba-Nana also carry a curated mix of accessories such as socks, hairpins, jewelry, and gifts. Most of the beauty products featured on K Ba-Nana are available in the states. 

"People would carry some sheet masks here and there, but we wanted to be the place for Korean beauty, where we can share knowledge about the products and what's in them,” said founder Liz Kang Yates.

The K-Beauty trend is based on self-care products that are easy to use and fun to experience. K Ba-Nana is the first store of its kind in the country, and Kang Yates said many of the products use natural and organic ingredients. 

K Ba-Nana is located inside the former apple space at University Village in Seattle. They’re open from 9:30 am – 9 pm Monday through Saturday, and 11 am - 6 pm on Sunday. Check their cute vending machine for many Sheet masks including Meg Cosmetics!




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Proper eating habits will glow your skin
January 30, 2018

Proper eating habits will glow your skin


It does not matter how much you apply skin care products in daily or get facial treatment if you do not eat properly and keep healthy eating style, your skin will never glow up. If you want a perfect skin, you should start consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits. A variety of vitamins and antioxidants can improve the quality of skin and health for a youthful look.

So, today we would like to go over top 5 fruits for glowing skin.

  1. Apple – Malic acid promotes firm, youthful skin.
  2. Avocado- (a high nutritious fruit) Biotin, or Vitamin B7, promotes cell regeneration and growth.
  3. Banana- Potassium moisturizes and hydrates.
  4. Kiwi- Vitamin C boosts the immune system and makes a stronger skin.
  5. Strawberry- Antioxidants prevent wrinkle formation.

And of course, there are much more than this out there. We should all be aware of that keeping outer beauty is important by keeping daily skincare routine, however, inner beauty is just as important.


Fruits are not only delicious but are very good for our overall health, especially, to your skin! So…. It’s time for grocery shopping today! Let’s go~  

We will talk to you soon! 
With love,
Team Meg 

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