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Places your body shows its age
January 17, 2018

Places your body shows its age

We all know that, when we get old, we get wrinkles from time to time. However, it’s really hard to notice it until we look at the old photo because we look at ourselves every day.  By now, we all should be aware of that daily skin care routine is significant to maintain healthy and young skin. Even if we have used all different kinds of skin care products from getting wrinkles, dryness, and acne, we might have forgotten the most important parts of our body that might reveal our age.


Today, we would like to briefly tell you guys about what are major three body parts that betray you from looking young.

  • Eyelids: The first sign we get from wrinkles is the eyelids.  The eyelids skin has the thinnest skin and it loosens with age. Also, putting and removing eye make-up will stretch the muscles and will grow weaker. That is why, the majority of basic skin care products contain eye cream, eye serum.  Therefore, when we remove our eye makeup, we should remove them gently.


  • Neck: It’s really difficult to notice our hidden parts of our body. Especially the neck- why? Because we don’t really look at our neck and barely or never put any moisturizer, which is crucial to our neck from getting wrinkles. Also, when our skin is dry, it’s the shortcut to getting wrinkles, that’s why hydration is so important to our skin. In addition, nowadays, we always look down to use our smartphone devices, (also known as TECH NECK). That constant craning of our head to look down at our phone screen will develop wrinkles around the neck. Therefore, we need to do neck stretch from time to time and put lotions around the neck.  Shockingly, our millennial generation’s’ neck wrinkles are coming to us younger and younger because of high usage of electronic devices.  (Imagine, having heavy neck wrinkles, with no facial wrinkles, wouldn’t it be weird?).


  • Hands: We use our hands for everything. The hands are one of the parts that get the most wrinkles. Our hands are always exposed to sunlight and dryness from washing hands frequently. Especially, we most of the times don’t well moisturize them when we sleep. Believe it or not, our hands are aging every day! No matter how looking young we are, if our hands have a heavy wrinkle, it’s going to reveal our age right away.


Now, we all know that it is significant to take care of each part of our body. We should try to moisturize our hidden parts of our body to prevent from getting wrinkles. Once our body starts with getting wrinkles, it will be harder for us to stop it. Don’t you guys want a young, healthy, and firm skin? To remain our youthful skin, we need to start now!


Stay young and healthy! 


With love,
Team Meg 


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How to take care of your skin in the winter
January 05, 2018

How to take care of your skin in the winter

Happy New Year Everyone!  2018 came to NYC with the coldest celebration in 100 years. 

We always prepare ourselves for the winter because we simply hate the cold weather and don't want to get sick. During the holidays, we go to shopping for our new jackets, a new pair of winter boots, gloves and yet, skin care products. No matter how we warm ourselves up from thick layers of clothes, this does not mean that our skin is safe from the cold. Why? because winter makes our skin dry which the skin gets aged at the most.

Before we go on, we need to understand a few factors on why skin care at home is significant, especially in the cold weather.

Why does the cold weather make your skin dry?

  • The majority of times, dry skin occurs during the winter months because the humidity level decreases. Therefore, when the temperature and the outside air decreases, it gets cold and dry- in other words, the water in our skin (which it helps maintaining the moisturization on our skin) evaporates more quickly in the winter and makes your skin dry.  In addition, indoor heating crucially dehydrates the skin because it steals moisture from the skin.

How can we prevent the dryness on your skin?

  • It’s simple! Just keep in mind, Don’t forget to moisturize our skin every morning and night! Dedication is the key. The Meg’s All Day Good Skin Sheet Mask Bundle (AM & PM Mask) will help the skin from arid skin. Good Morning AM mask infused with Peppermint Leaf water which purifies and soothe stressed and tired skin from the dehydration of the skin from the heater. It is perfect for the morning time before the make-up. In addition, Good Night PM mask infused with Avocado Fruit Extract which helps with nourishing the skin while maintaining skin firmness. It consists of camellia sinesis leaf water, which it provides intensive moisture and elasticity to the skin at night.

How to use All Day Good Skin Sheet Mask

  1. Cleanse face and apply toner.
  2. Remove plastic film, and place the mask on the face.
  3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Remove the mask, gently pat to absorb remaining essence.

Keeping skin healthy is significant for a youthful look!

Start your skin care today~


With love,
Team Meg 





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