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What is Steam Hair Mask?

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Every once in a while it's necessary to treat yourself! whether it's indulging in the whipped cream- and chocolate encrusted cakes you cut out of your diet months ago or spending a luxurious day at the spa. Honestly, yet, when we pamper ourselves, a hair treatment is not always the number one or top of mind. We often forget about our poor hair, which we subject to heat styling, hair dye, and other chemical-laden products. There are tons of different ways we can damage our hair. It could be damaged from a weekly swim or just being out in the sun unprotected.


Meg Steam Hair Mask is easy at home salon-grade hair treatment replenishes vitamins and silk amino acids right back into dry and damaged hair. The formula is infused with Chameleon Plant, Perilla Frutescens, and Green Tea extract, injecting long-lost nutrition and life into your strands and roots to produce rich, silky and voluminous hair. Meg Steam Hair masks provide so many benefits. They basically take your conditioning efforts to the higher level. Meg Steam Hair mask is the quickest way to give damaged, dry and colored hair an intense hair nourishment and strength.


Meg Cosmetic's Steam Hair Mask is not just for those in need of a serious hair intervention! Using it as a part of your regular routine keeps your hair and scalp in great condition all year ‘round. We have carefully crafted each of our Steam Hair Mask to help your hair look and feel its best, whatever that means to you. 


So, Think about your dream hair, then let's have them! Check out its detail appearances!




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